613 3 Bundle Deals

613 3 Bundle Deals

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Every one loves a BUNDLE DEAL!!!!

We offer 613 bundle deals in our most popular textures! Our most popular textures are


Length options include inches 12-30”

All of our products are built to last. Our straight and body wave hair will last much longer (1-3 years depending on wear and proper care ) then our curly textures (1-2 years depending on wear and proper care). Make sure you follow proper wash instructions, always condition the hair (for at least 30 minutes) and rinse throughly! I cannot stress how important it is to rinse the hair well.

When choosing fullness (how many bundles to get) you always want to consider:

  • The size of your head
  • How full do you like your hair
  • Are you leaving any natural hair out if so how much (closures & frontals are available too)
  • How long are the bundles ( the longer the hair the more bundles you will need ex: you may only need 3 12” bundles for a bob with leave out but you might like 4-5 bundles of 30” bundles with leave out)


3 bundles 12-24” for natural fullness

4 bundles of 16-22” for full hair

4 bundles 24-30” for slightly full

5 bundles 26-30 for full hair